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Chairman’s Message

From the very start of our journey at BMG International FZCO, we have always thrived to distinguish ourselves in our business and prove our worth in the market, Through our passion and hard work, we have built our company with grit and vigour from the ground up, continuously and relentlessly looking for new method and solutions to continue in our progression and establish our presence on the market.
Hard work and perseverance have always been at the heart of our personal work ethics, qualities that our team possessed in equal measure and that we look for in all our employees, along with a long-term commitment and a shared vision of the future and our prospects.
As we move ahead into this new and exciting chapter of our journey, We look forward to guiding our team as we strive to keep our place firmly among the top players in business, working towards a smooth transition from the more traditional general trading methods towards new frontiers and emerging innovations in Whole Sales Business.
Our intention is the same as always, to be the leader within our domain in order to positively create an impact on the lives of people through the latest Whole Sales Business.

Yasser Al Ahmad



Our history begins in 2012, with the foundation of BMG International FZCO in Dubai Airport Free Zone United Arab Emirates. BMG International is a leading whole sale trading company. Our team of industry professionals and trade experts with a strong capital funds BMG opened its doors at a time when mobile phones were enjoying a period of flourishing and fast paced development that lead them to the blooming sector they belong to today.
Through key partnership and strategic collaborations with communication titans such as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei, BMG has succeeded to earn its position efficiently.

Mission & Vision

Our vision is to progressively become a market leader and bring inspiration to build a strong foundation in order to gear up for the future and embrace new technologies and innovation.
Our core purpose is to serve our trade across the globe with a vision of becoming the most reliable brand & help our clients to accomplish their business objectives.
Through hard work and determination, the company sets its eyes ahead on the future, the team continues to research and acquire advanced technologies and innovations such as AR, VR and AI among others as they look forward to establishing BMG a major distributor and whole seller.

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Competitive Advantage

Globalization has brought the world together, Innovations and technological advancements have been coming at a lightning pace. For the telecom industry especially, this means a sizeable market and multitude of new developments every day.
Our experts routinely evaluate their market strategy for uniqueness, altering it as needed, in order to provide the cost-effective and superior quality product categories. Our team of experts have guaranteed on time product availability for years. BMG continues to stand out in its sector with high adaptable and customer centered nature, finding value in its code of ethics and strength in the commitment and hard work of its team.

Financial Stability

Since many years, BMG has recognized by assuring a clean and transparent policy when dealing with its financial strength and stability. As one of the company’s strongest assets, the steady flow practices on the financial level allows BMG to maintain a regular inventory of goods across the year.


The entire team at BMG holds a shared and valuable mutual trust for collaboration and performing all business operations with complete transparency honesty. The company has been able to solidify its business bonds on an internal and external level, and avoid any destructive activities in its inbound and outbound logistics. Ensuring our employees keep a professional and honest work policy, and extending that same courtesy to their clients and partners.

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